Updating you resume

A resume is the foundation of your brand and is your primary marketing tool.When your resume works the doors of opportunity open for you, when it doesn’t they don’t.Adding a new experience inevitably meant that one or two older ones needed to be removed.To me, that meant two side software projects I did during my freshman year and high school.They might drop your application if your profile is below 80% finished.Ensure that the contact number you provided is active and reachable so that hirers can get in touch with you easily.Have you ever asked how important a resume is for you to land your desired career abroad?Consider your resume as your tool to land your dream overseas job.

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Leadership has moved up two notches from last year, while passionate which was in the top three in 2016 closes the top five list for 2017.

Some new additions to the list include words such as certified and excellent, and organisation -- which was the most overused buzzword in 2016 -- is off the charts this year.

"Our data shows that historically, this is the busiest month of the year for Linked In profile updates.

Most people don't think about updating their resumes until they find themselves out of work and in desperate need of a job.

Job security is now a thing of the past, so we all need to think more carefully about job change and how that impacts our financial security.


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