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We will never contact you in connection with the CEIP (all the more because we can't: there is no data that allows us to do this).

If, for some reason, you do not want to take our word for it, you can verify all of the above in our open source code, which can be inspected here on, as well as from the Mozilla CVS servers.

The Pawbo Pet Camera offers an attractive minimalist design, an easy setup process, and an impressive number of features.

Do you ever wonder what your pets are doing when you leave the house? Or maybe you’re just looking to interact with your dog or cat while you’re out.

This pet cam serves its basic purpose in addition to new and exciting features.

Pet cameras allow you to see and sometimes interact with your pets when you are far away.

One of the pet cameras available in the market now is the Pet Chatz HD. Read more and see if you will be getting your money’s worth.Have you ever wanted to check in on the well-being of sick or elderly pets, help calm an anxious pet, and find out if your pet is misbehaving? There are plenty of pet cameras on the market that can offer animal owners priceless peace of mind.To help you find the perfect cam to keep an eye on your pet, we’ve researched dozens of pet cameras and chosen eight that offer distinct advantages over their competitors.Chat Zilla now features a Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP).1% of users are invited to participate, on a completely random basis.And if you have a pet that ends up licking the Pet Chatz units or biting on it, you can get the Pet Chatz Guard.


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