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Take a look at some of the responses that Sy received on the dating app: Huh.Despite this bleak set of messages, Sy does admit that there were some nice ones too, but these creepy, perverted ones topped them hands down.Black men dating outside of their race is not a new concept.In fact, It is widely believed black men are more likely to date women outside of their race; however, this isn’t quite the truth.Single ladies, beware: If you catch one of these guys on your line, it would be wise to just throw him back in the sea and keep trying for your prizewinner. He is likely a mama's boy and will expect everything to be done for him.There are so many people popping up on the dating scene who were burned by their first marriages or serious relationships. Every question you ask them is only half-answered because the walls they have built up inside are so high and impenetrable. If you are looking for a mature, meaningful relationship that is going to go somewhere, he isn't for you.Ok Cupid, a well-known online dating website, showed black men look outside of their own racial group when looking for a significant other.

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And the first step was to get a makeover, set up a female online dating profile as Simone, 28.

As marriage rates decrease, black men still marry and date outside of their race/ethnic group, but not as much as people believe. Census Bureau showed that 86 percent of black married men were married to black women, 7 percent have a white spouse, 4 percent have a Hispanic spouse (regardless of race) and 3 percent are married to another race/ethnic group.

Statistics show marriage rates among black men is higher among black men and women than with other groups. A common misconception states that black men are not marrying black women, but that is statistically untrue.

Conversations feel very one-sided, and you will forever feel like you are pushing them to open up. This can be an extension of number two, but not always.

You never really feel like they trust you because of what may have happened in their pasts. These guys can have great jobs, their own places and generally a lot going for them.


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